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With hundreds of B2B, B2B2C and B2C projects under its belt, MUST is also known to develop some of the most famous loyalty projects. Already with +1.5 million users under management, it provides unique consumer experiences while producing key metrics for day-to-day operations. It’s a MUST!

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A leading point of sale software company, with +30.000 customers connected to its hybrid-cloud. Serving HoReCa, retail and mobility segments, it delivers a full technological stack with a 360º view of the business to managers and owners. Zone Soft has the ambition to continue to grow internationally and, based in Portugal, it’s already in Spain, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Angola, Mozambique, among other countries with a smaller presence.

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grupo nabeiro

Shareholder of WETHECORE, Grupo Nabeiro - Delta Cafés was established in 1961 and today accounts for 25 companies organized in strategic business areas which serve the core of its commercial activity: coffee sales. The Group operates in several distinct areas like food, beverages, industry, real-estate, services and HoReCa. It's an absolute honour to have Grupo Nabeiro as a member of the board and to benefit from the experience of its outstanding team.

Levoo open

A take-away services company, it allows venues to serve its consumers with a full automated approach, with APPS and kiosks (SOKS). The technological solution incorporates physical and online payments, loyalty, invoicing, digital signage and integration with customer operations, providing the best customer experience possible. LEVOO also delivers white-label solutions, allowing companies to fully customize the project to its brands.

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With an omnichannel approach - via POS, web and APPS - COMPROO is a purchase central that aims to connect businesses and suppliers. Today it already incorporates some of the leading brands in Portugal, thus bringing a unique value proposition to different stakeholders, namely sales, marketing and analytics departments. In the future, life will become even more easy with predictive models leading to the automatic submission of orders, thus allowing managers to focus on what its most important: its customers.

freebee open

Most probably the best multibrand - fully integrated at the point of sale software - loyalty program. It allows stores to provide whatever desired customer experience since the platform can process any type of rules, fully defined via backoffice. Together with a complete set of KPIs, it can extract any kind of information based on transactions, while allowing consumers to have a one-app-fits-all and omnichannel approaches.


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